Griswald Season

The time has come…IMG_0262It’s Christmas at the Griswald’s


And while it may seem all sugar plums and gingerbread, it’s not as it seems.

We’re lucky if we even get around to putting a Christmas tree up.  Actually, most of the time we are lucky because it’s still up from the year prior.  So we got it good; didn’t have the trouble of taking it down last year, won’t have the trouble of putting one up this year.

BUT what is the holiday season with out festive lights, trees, candles, and wreaths?

I’ll tell you what it is, it’s pleasant.  The minimalist things are what can make you the happiest.  Do the bare minimum to make you happy; if you long to make this Christmas the biggest and best, chances are, you may not be recognized for all of it.


Do the bare minimum.  Get a real Christmas Tree………..There’s nothing like the smell that reminds you of younger days playing outside and exploring the woods.  AND if you get a real xmas tree, that means you have to take it down at the end of the season. Too much trouble getting a real tree? Buy a Yankee Candle Christmas Pine. That’ll do the trick. Shhh.

Maybe some lights around the staircase banister and fireplace mantle.  Really, that’s all you  need to add a little spark this holiday season.



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