Why I Run 13.1

Running was something that I used to dread.  It was always used as punishment in my sport.  Dropped a stunt? Run.  Busted your face on the mat because you couldn’t land a standing back flip? Run. Back talked your coach? Uh, Run.  It took me years to find the true meaning behind running.

It is a way for me to still compete and accomplish goals since I have gotten older, outgrown, retired from cheerleading.  (Think what you want about cheerleading not being sport, but I bet you haven’t won a single  five national championships in the sport you played.)  I did not start enjoying running until after I graduated college at age 22.  Ask people around you. It is surprising some of the people who have accomplished 13.1 or more.  Sarah Palin, Will Ferrell, Ryan Reynolds (of course), Drew Carey, Puff Daddy, and Oprah, who actually had a faster time than Pamela Anderson.

See, these people have busier lives than you; no doubt they may even be older than you, and they can still manage to run 13+ miles. But why did I decide to run? Funny question.  It wasn’t because I wanted to lose weight or get fit or be that baddest bitch on the block (I already know I am.)  It was because my boyfriend at the time was going to do it.  Really? This 200+ pound grizzly bear man was going to run 13.1 miles? If he could do it, I absolutely could too. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I accomplished much more.

I could compete again. Not necessarily with everyone around me, but with myself.  I could push my body so much that I am able to run for over an entire hour straight.  Not only me, but my best friend.  It’s about supporting others, yourself; being able to accomplish a goal and share your story; to listen and learn about others’ stories, as you run for a cause.  To make yourself happy and healthy. You can say that you have actually done it. You did it! Even if you decide to never ever run that far again as long as you live, or if you never decide to run again at all.  The mind is a powerful thing. You can find the true meaning of mind over matter; YOU can do much more than what you think you are capable of.

Check out these other reasons to run: http://thoughtcatalog.com/bijal-patel/2014/02/13-1-reasons-why-you-should-run-a-half-marathon/

Find a race near you today: http://www.runningintheusa.com/Race/Default.aspx

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