Nothing Tastes as Good as Skinny

I just came across an article about irresponsible “fitspiration” quotes, and I have to tell ya; this guy got it spot it.  Quotes about not giving up are great, but not giving up when your body is exhausted and needs time to heal and repair itself is totally different.

It is good to be dedicated to something.  In a healthy way, but there is one “fitspiration” that I cringe every time I see it reposted over and over again on my social networks.

Kate Moss


This is absolutely horrific and it disgusts me.  How can this even be an inspiration to someone?  You should starve yourself because you want to be fit? What? That makes no sense. Your body cannot function on nothing.  It needs to be fed nutrients of all kinds, including fats, to run and operate.  If you don’t feed your body, YOU will not be able to run or operate.  Is this a girl what you want to look like?


Do you want to be like someone who cannot even move, or get out of bed in the morning because they starved their body and it is no longer able to function properly?  How awful.  When there is nothing but bones and barely working organs inside of you, you can’t even move, and if you can, it hurts.  Or, you look old as dirt.  You may be thing, and some may see a few abdominals poking out, but, have you looked in the mirror? You’re 20 and your face looks similar to a bad looking 40 year old.

Here’s some free advice: Find a new place other than pinterest to be inspired.  Join a gym.  Get a support group and find a fitness plan that you enjoy and attend every week.  Don’t stop eating, but stop eating shit all the time.  Savor the flavor; enjoy your meal.  How many different flavors do you taste? Have a glass of wine to compliment your dinner.  Eat that fucking brownie after dinner if you want it.  Because it tastes damn good.

xoxo:: @wakeup_itscasey

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