Why I Am Not Blessed

You see it all the time.  Open up your Facebook, your Instagram feed.  Especially this week.  You see it: #blessed, #soblessed, How happy they are!  But what makes these people #soblessed and I’m just, so…average? Obviously they have a boyfriend or girlfriend who gives them presents on Valentine’s Day.  #howoriginal.  What did they get? Candy?  Flowers? Edible Arrangement? Psh, I get that shit every day.  I walk my “blessed” self to the damned grocery and get 2 for 1 Hershey’s bars because I am blessed lucky and  I and have been grateful to use my two legs when some people can’t.  I guess that can make me blessed, that I can buy myself presents everyday of the year, but I don’t like using the word “blessed.”

Your annoying cute Facebook posts and sweet Instagram posts aren’t fooling anybody.  It seems to me that you spend more time posting about how great your significant other is, that you forget the privacy and intimacy you two should be sharing. privately. together.  Is it more important to share your exclusive details of your lives with other people, or with each other?

He/she made breakfast for you. Good for you.  I make myself breakfast every morning, and when I’m with my boyfriend, i get breakfast brought to me in bed every day I’m there.  Not important. They bought you a Michael Kors watch for Valentine’s Day, your Birthday, Christmas, 4 week anniversary? And now, all of a sudden, you’re so #blessed? Were you not blessed before you got all this great stuff?  You now realize that you are blessed because someone is doing things for you?

This is not what makes you blessed.  You are merely lucky.  I hope you are able to find someone who will love you for your sickness and your health.  I hope you find the good with your partner every day of the year.  I hope that you are not #blessed only on days you get something you didn’t ask for.  I hope that you can find greatness within your companion when they need it most and that you are lucky to be able to give and receive happiness, love, belongings, and support.♥

I don’t consider myself to be #blessed.  I have experienced love and heartbreak and the sadness that comes along with each.  I have learned better than to put up with things that are not good for me and I don’t have time for that either.  I surely hope I was not blessed with such hardships. I found my love in the most unexpected of places.  Without wanting or searching for it..  It was me who made the decision of who I want to be with and why. Unfortunately I have made some awful decisions.  Nobody else had an influence in my choice.  It was me who has made lucky and unlucky choices.  I have myself to thank for my smart and lucky decision of who I am dating now.

Besides, I like the definition of lucky better:: Successful, happy, beneficial, prosperous.

Photo on 2013-06-05 at 12.40 #4Happy Valentine’s Day to all the Lucky Men and Women out there!



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