Why can’t a woman accept a compliment?

I don’t get it.  Why can’t girls accept a compliment?  Every time a compliment is given, we always make up excuses why its not true.  

Oh this dress? I’ve had it for years.

You like my purse? Thanks, but it’s my mom’s.

I’m skinny?  Well, it’s all in my hips.

My eyelashes may look long, but they’re really, really thin.

I have pretty skin? Well, i do have a pimple right here.

You like my curly hair? Thanks, I had no idea how to do it today.


There is always some sort of counter-argument that prevents many females from truly accepting a compliment.  If some one appreciates our outfit, why is it so hard to simply say “Thank you so much!” instead of adding some sort of explanation. Accepting a compliment is so hard for us.  Is it because we don’t really think another female could actually like us without being a jealous b****? Or that a man could truly appreciate a woman’s beauty without hitting on her?

Why must we always give an excuse instead of accepting a compliment? It’s about time we become strong women and stand up for ourselves! THANK YOU. Thank you for appreciating the hard work i put into making this outfit come alive. Or the secret beauty tips I’ve studied to make my hair fall just right in the heat of summer.  Thank you. Just Say it!!


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